Change Request Title Tags

Sometimes, you'll need different request heading tags to achieve a proper hierarchy for SEO and readability purposes.

In Simple Feature Requests, request titles in the archive are output with an h2 tag. Single request titles are output with an h1 tag. Sometimes, due to your theme or other circumstances, these heading tags are not appropriate.

To change them, go to Requests > Settings > General in the WordPress admin panel.

Under the 'Setup' section, you'll find two settings: 'Single Request Title Tag' and 'Archive Request Title Tag.'

You can choose the appropriate HTML tag for each type of title and ensure your site's SEO and readability aren't negatively impacted by an improper hierarchy.

Additionally, below the settings for request title tags, you'll find an option to 'Hide Entry Title On Single Request View.' This can be checked in the event that your theme outputs an entry title by default, which will help you avoid the request title being output twice when viewing single requests.

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